Launch a Stellar Retail Customer Service Strategy in 6 Steps

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Over the last few years, the retail industry has undergone many drastic changes, and therefore, so has the world of the retail contact center.

Physical retail locations have experienced mass closures while eCommerce and omni-channel shopping have exploded. If you were a brick-and-mortar-only business pre-pandemic, chances are you quickly pivoted to provide online shopping options for your customers.

With web-based shopping comes technical difficulties, policy questions, system glitches, and many other issues that require real-time customer service. That’s where your retail contact center needs to shine.

Superior customer service is at the heart of every successful retail call center, but with all the new online shopping technology, providing a seamless customer experience can become quite the challenge. The best way to ensure your contact center stays on track is to develop and execute an extensive retail customer service strategy.

Not sure how? Follow these 6 steps.


According to the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report, 92% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company again when they experience high-quality customer service.

1. Train your agents to be customer service obsessed.

Whether you’re introducing a new agent to your brand or retraining an established agent on some of the basics, ensuring you have a training strategy in place that focuses on customer service is a key factor in driving success. Arm agents with the knowledge that stand-out service is what your company strives for and provide them with empathy phrases they can use during customer interactions.


Have new hires shadow your best customer service agents so they can pick up some tricks of the trade.

2. Offer an omni-channel experience for retail customers.

Don’t just be any old retail call center. Instead, set the goal of becoming the ultimate customer experience center for your shoppers. A survey conducted by Call Centre Helper found that 72% of customers believe their ideal communication channel varies depending on the context. To be successful with most of your consumers, you’ll need to offer a variety of ways they can get in touch when they require assistance. These might include:

A website contact form.

Have a Contact Us section on your website that allows customers to quickly type in their details and question. Enlist a team of agents to monitor and reply to messages.

Live chatting or chat bots.

Many contact centers require their agents to both answer calls and live chat throughout their shift. If it’s too overwhelming for your agents to do both, you also have the option of investing in AI technology that can answer customer questions online or by text message.

Social media channels. 

These days, many questions and complaints come to companies in the form of social media comments and direct messages. As these are often public, we encourage your team to answer promptly and thoroughly to prove to your audience that you know what you’re doing when it comes to customer service.
Don’t just be any old #retailcontactcenter. Instead, set the goal of becoming the ultimate #customerexperience center for your shoppers. Offer a variety of ways for customers to get in touch, including live chats and social media channels.… Click To Tweet

3. Support agents every step of the way.  

The happier your agents are, the more calm and friendly they’ll be during customer interactions. Management should be available to support agents throughout their day, every day. Set up one-on-one chats to celebrate successes and discuss opportunities for growth, check in with employees whose numbers are slipping, and help agents avoid burnout by providing sufficient time for breaks and meals.

4. Invest in the right technology for your retail contact center.

When it comes to providing support, you should also consider investing in technology that can help alleviate stress from an agent’s day. Scheduled Call-Backs simultaneously smooths out call spikes for agents and empowers your customers to talk when it suits their schedule best—a true win/win.

5. Make scaling your business a breeze.  

As we saw during the first wave of lockdowns in 2020, contact centers need to be able to scale up at a moment’s notice. Cloud-based technology like Fonolo provides the capacity you need to increase your size quickly or scale back if there’s a temporary lull in demand. If your lines are too busy for customers to reach you, it leaves a bad impression and impacts overall customer satisfaction.

6. Monitor KPIs that are most helpful for tracking retail customer service success.  

Tracking these specific key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you determine the success rate of your customer service strategy and where there’s room for improvement:

First-Call Resolution (FCR) 

FCR shows the percentage of customer issues resolved in just one call. The higher the rate, the better the customer experience.

Average Time in Queue (ATQ)

When customers spend less time waiting, they’ll be less agitated once they get on the line with an agent. Aim for a low ATQ.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Your NPS indicates customer loyalty. A high NPS means customers are receiving impressive service and therefore more likely to spread the word to their networks.

Customer Satisfaction (CSat)

If your CSat survey scores are high, keep up the great work! Your customers are happy campers.

Fonolo Resource cover image

Creating a Customer Service Strategy That Drives Business Growth


Creating a Customer Service Strategy That Drives Business Growth

WhitePaper Creating a Customer Service Strategy That Drives Business Growth
Fonolo Resource cover image

Creating a Customer Service Strategy That Drives Business Growth


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