Credit Unions

Credit unions of all sizes use Fonolo's cloud-based call-back solutions to deliver the ultimate call center experience.

Stanford Federal Credit Union

Stanford FCU identified the contact center as an area of concern.

The department was understaffed and, in order to meet service levels, calls had to be sent to a backup call center during business hours.

With Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue solution, Stanford FCU realized a $60K savings in business expenses, a 50% reduction in abandon rate and a 43% increase in service level targets.


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Velocity Credit Union

Velocity Credit Union was struggling with long hold times and a high number of abandoned calls.

The company’s call center operated on a legacy Avaya platform. Rather than replace it entirely, they opted to find a solution that could solve their problems, while working with their existing infrastructure.

With Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue solution, Velocity lowered abandon rates by 62%, which alleviated member frustration and boosted agent morale.


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1st United Services Credit Union

One of the first credit unions in the state of California, 1st USCU engaged Fonolo to improve the call center experience for its members.

In under 60 days, 1st USCU added Web-Rescue to their website, In-Call Rescue to their call center, and Mobile Rescue to their iPhone and Android apps.

After 1 year, 1st USCU realized a 10% reduction in abandon rates and booked over $10M in new loans.


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Credit Union of Colorado

Due to staffing changes, weather issues, and a surge of card replacements, Credit Union of Colorado experienced the “perfect storm” in their call center.

The result was increased wait times for callers and a high level of dissatisfaction among members, culminating in numerous complaints to the credit union.

After implementing Fonolo, Credit Union of Colorado decreased its abandonment rate by an average of 40%. One month in particular, the abandonment rate dropped by 49%.


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Technology Credit Union

Tech CU was faced with call issues on a daily, weekly and monthly basis due to unpredictable spikes in call volume.

They turned to Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue solution to give members the option of a call-back rather than wait on hold, which allowed the call center to “smooth out” volume spikes.

The result was a 37% drop in their abandonment rate!



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And Many More

We LOVE working with credit unions of all sizes!

Fonolo’s cloud-based solutions improve the way credit unions interact with their members by replacing hold time with a call-back. Regardless of where the conversation begins – on the web, mobile or by phone – Fonolo quickly and conveniently routes members through the call center, connecting them to the right agent while eliminating hold time.

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