How an Outsourced Call Center Provider Reduced Cost-per-Call by 8%

Vesta Networks was challenged by a client to find a call-back solution to improve the customer experience. Read about how Fonolo changed their contact center for the better.

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Vesta Networks provides teleconferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing services to more than 20,000 users worldwide. Over the past 20 years, they have dedicated themselves to helping businesses communicate with ease and efficiency.


Their company is committed to providing excellent service to their clients and creating flexible packages to suit their needs. They are firm believers in providing support through their agents rather than automated systems to ensure their customers receive top quality care.

The Problem: A Request for Help

Vesta was contacted by one of their call center clients. They were receiving thousands of calls each day, and their callers frequently experienced hold times over an hour long. This resulted in frustrated customers and increased telco costs.

Their client challenged Vesta to help them find a call-back solution that would help improve their customer experience. Vesta quickly got to work evaluating their options, including Virtual Hold’s Conversation Bridge, Avaya’s Callback Assist, and Cisco’s Courtesy Callback. However, it quickly became clear that these solutions would be too complicated and difficult to work with. They needed something different.

The Solution: A Quick Solution with Big Impact

It soon became clear that Fonolo Voice Call-Backs was the best fit for their client’s needs. Their cloud-based technology made call-backs compatible with their existing phone system, and implementation was quick and easy. What’s more, Fonolo Voice Call-Backs made for a better customer experience. With other call-back solutions, the customer is called back first and made to wait while the system connected them with an agent. Fonolo connects with the agent before calling the customer, making for a seamless experience with no additional hold time.

Using Fonolo is simple and intuitive for both callers and agents. Callers are offered the option of a call-back instead of waiting on hold. With a single push of a button, Fonolo take their place in the call queue so they can go about the day. For agents, Fonolo appears as a regular inbound call and connects them to the customer automatically, so minimal training was required.

The Results: Measuring Success

It wasn’t long before Vesta and their client began to see results. Within their first full month of using Voice Call-Backs, almost 25% of callers opted to use Fonolo instead of waiting on hold.

In addition, their contact center was able to reduce the average number of calls in queue, which led to an impressive 8% reduction in their average cost-per-call. The verdict was clear: Fonolo Voice Call-Backs improved their customer satisfaction while alleviating pressure on their operations and agents.

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