How a Credit Union Improved the Customer Experience with Call-Backs

To serve their 58,000 members across 10 branches, First Service Credit Union turned to Fonolo call-backs to help them manage demand and improve their contact center experience.

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Since its inception in 1977, First Service Credit Union (FSCU) has worked to provide its members with the tools to help meet their greatest financial goals. Based in Houston, Texas, FSCU provides high dividend savings, checking, IRA and CD accounts, low interest loans on credit cards, mortgages and other loan services, secured accounts, and convenient services like online banking and mobile banking. With a motto of ‘We’re for you, not profit’, FSCU considers its members to be the very core and foundation of its business.

The Problem: Frustratingly Long Hold Times

FSCU serves close to 58,000 members, and operates 10 branches across the Houston area. In order to support its sprawling client-base, FSCU engages 19 agents: nine full-time representatives and 10 part-time representatives who are available to assist during peak times.

The customer service team often experiences spikes in call volume, and with that, an increase in hold times and abandon rates. Serving so many members with complex and variable problems means long hold times, which makes for frustrated members, and more agents trying to cope with a high volume of requests.

The Solution: Voice Call-Backs and Scheduled Call-Backs

To address these issues, FSCU incorporated Fonolo’s call-back option into its existing member services / call center infrastructure with ease.

Now, instead of being placed on hold, members are given the option to simply “press 1 for a call-back”. Fonolo holds their place in line until the next FSCU agent is available to serve them. Agents are then notified by a customized Fonolo message that a caller is on the line.

The Results: More Control Over Seasonal Call Spikes

After implementing Fonolo’s call-back solution, FSCU noticed a considerable reduction in abandon rates. In fact, after turning Fonolo off as a test, FSCU observed its abandon rate more than double.

With Fonolo, agents are better equipped to handle spikes in call volume and can handle complex cases in a more streamlined manner. Additionally, members are much happier with the improved calling experience.

To download a copy of this success story, click here.

A call-back service is a must-have. People deserve a call-back option so they can continue on with their lives.

Ricardo Mejia

VP Centralized Services

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