4 Tips to Reduce Call Abandonment in Your Contact Center

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Call center agents often experience high abandonment rates. Long wait times are one of the top reasons for this — after all, they can only hear “… your call is in priority sequence…” so many times before they lose patience and end the call.

If you’re looking for tips to improve your call abandonment rate, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Most contact center software will generate a Call Detail Record (CDR). This feature displays data for each incoming call, including time before the customer abandoned the call.

Take an omni-channel approach.

Today’s customers expect to be able to reach you on any platform. With social media and mobile apps at their peak popularity, contact centers would do well to invest in an omni-channel strategy. With that said, the voice channel remains the most popular form of customer service, so it’s important to find a good balance between voice support and your other channels.

Adopt a call-back solution.

One of the best ways to reduce abandonment rates and increase customer satisfaction is to offer a call-back solution. When phone traffic is high, you can smooth out call volumes and avoid disgruntled customers. Not only does this reduce cost-per-call, it will also pay dividends for the customer experience.

Communicate with your callers.

While it might not be possible to fully eliminate hold time, call center organizations would do well to make the wait a tolerable experience. Communicate with your customers by providing up to date messages on your IVR. Keep them informed with updates on their estimated wait time. Updating your welcome messages or offering a “choose your own hold music” option can go a long way in keeping them on the line as well!

Reduce your handle time

Lowering the amount of time your agents spend on each call will help your call center serve more customers overall. If your agents are adept at anticipating customer needs and efficient in solving their issues, they can handle higher call volumes more easily.

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