Advanced Schedules

Advanced schedules can be used on a Target or Target Group to set schedules that deviate from the default hours set in the Hours tab.  This is ideal for setting holiday closures or temporary changes to normal operating hours. Start by clicking the Advanced Schedules tab (1) after opening the Target.

By default, the current month will be displayed (2), but the months can be traversed by using the navigation arrows above the calendar. Once on the desired calendar month, click on a particular day to pull up a box that will allow you to set the custom scheduling for that day, as per below.

Select the custom option (1) and use the sliders (2) to choose the hours that you wish to receive Fonolo callbacks within on that day. Settings selected here will only affect this particular day, and these settings will not reoccur yearly. Any day that does not have custom scheduling will be handled by the settings under the previous ‘Hours’ tab. Once selected properly, click Save Custom Scheduling (3) to save the changes.

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