Security – Blocked Numbers

Blocked Numbers is a new Fonolo feature that allows you to define Client phone numbers that cannot be used for call-backs. You may want to block a Client phone number in cases such as:

  • Someone repeatedly entering the wrong number in a call-back widget, prompting someone else to receive unrequested call-backs.
  • Malicious intent by someone repeatedly entering another’s number to receive unrequested call-backs
  • Clients requesting call-backs to corporate numbers that are received by others (receptionists)

To add phone numbers that will never be used for Fonolo call-backs, click on Admin > Security > Blocked Numbers.

Start by entering the Phone Number in the local format (3).


If in USA/Canada, enter the format as 1xxxyyyzzzz, and select a Call Routing Profile where United States, Canada & Island Nations is set as the Default Country


If in the United Kingdom, enter the format as 01xxxyyyzzzz, and select a Call Routing Profile where the Default Country is set as United Kingdom

Once you have entered the number and selected the Call Routing Profile, click the green ‘Block Number’ button (4) and the number will be blocked immediately. All blocked numbers will show up at the bottom of the page, with a red icon next to them (5). Clicking the icon will reinstate the number as valid and allow call-backs once again to it.

Blocked Number validation is done when a call-back is first requested. Therefore, if a call-back has been requested and is currently moving through the process, blocking the number will not end the current call-back. However, the next time a Client attempts to opt into a call-back with the blocked number, they will be prompted to use a different number.

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