Company Licensing

Company Licensing is where you can come to check the status of your Fonolo license. This page will display your current Fonolo License. All of the Call-Back stats displayed on this page are recorded in real-time. To access the Company Licensing, go to ADMIN (1) > Licensing (2).

Within the Company Licensing area, you can see important stats regarding your license (1), as well as a visual representation (2) of how much of your licence you have left for the current period.

  • License Period – License Period shows the start date and end date of your current Fonolo License.
  • Status – Status shows whether your License is active or deactive.
  • Call-Backs Allowed – This shows your total number of call-backs included in your License.
  • Call-Backs Used – This shows the number of call-backs you have used thus far.
  • SMS Allowed – This shows your total number of SMS notifications included in your License.
  • SMS Used – his shows the number of SMS notifications you have used thus far.

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