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Customized Call-Back Alerts

Call Centers are busy places, and you have more important things to do than view stats and wait for problems to occur. That’s why Fonolo has added Report Monitors to your Fonolo Portal for you.

Report Monitors are customizable, live reports that get sent to you only as problems are occurring, removing the need for you to spend time reading regularly generated, scheduled reports. This means you spend less time viewing stats, and more time solving problems.

Visit Our Guide on setting up and configuring the Report Monitors to start sending real-time alerts.

Types of Report Monitors

There are several types of Report Monitors; Failed Calls, Call Duration, and Appliance monitors, with each serving a different role.

  • Call Failure Monitor – The Call Failure Monitor will report based on failed calls within the Call-Back Profiles that is it monitoring
  • Call Duration Monitor – The Call Duration Monitor will report based on calls that exceed a determined duration within Call-Back Profiles that it is monitoring
  • Appliance Status Monitor – The Appliance Status Monitor will report based on detected hardware, software and network issues within your on-site Fonolo Appliances

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