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How to Configure a Call-Back Profile > Call Options

Call-Back Profile is a collection of settings and configurations that define parameters for the calls that Fonolo receives and places for you.

To configure a newly created or existing Call-Back Profile, go to MANAGE (1) > Call-Back Profiles (2).

Then click on the name of the Call-Back Profile that you wish to configure

Call Options

Call Options determine several important things:

Firstly, since a Call-Back Profile is a collection of settings that define parameters for the calls that Fonolo receives and places for you, Call Options is a way of determining which Targets will utilize these parameters. Targets selected under the Call Options will utilize the Call-Back Profile’s Telco Settings, Pre-Call Questions, and other settings.

Secondly, Call Options will determine the Fonolo Extension that the queue will use to transfer a call over to Fonolo once a Client has opted in to receive a Call-Back. Different extensions can be specified for different targets that the Client navigates to through the IVR, for reporting purposes. For example, your IVR may request the Client to choose English or Spanish. If the client ultimately opts-in for a call-back and gets transferred to Fonolo, it would be important to prompt them with Pre-Call Questions in the appropriate language based on their destination after navigating the IVR. Choosing either English or Spanish would ultimately lead that Client to a different Call-Back Profile with Pre-Call Questions and other settings that are customized to that queue.

Lastly, Call-Options determine the different Queues, and the order that they are listed in, that a Client can select within a mobile or web widget for Mobile Rescue and Web Rescue.

When on the Call Options tab under Call-Back Profiles, your Targets will be listed under the drop down list on the left side of the screen (1). To add a Target to the Call-Back Profile’s Call Options, select the Target from the drop-down list, then click on the green ‘Add Option’ button (2), and it will then appear in the list below, where all currently selected Targets are listed (3). This Target then becomes added to the Call-Back Profile. You can pause/disable a Target by clicking the green play button beside the Target (4). Pausing a Call Option retains all of its settings and assigned DID/Extension while giving you the ability to turn it off without removing it. 

‘Move’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ (5) let you control each Call Option individually. ‘Move‘ lets you transfer a Call Option to another Call-Back Profile, saving you the time of recreating it if you are reorganizing your queues or settings. ‘Edit‘ will allow you to configure the Extension and Caller ID (CID) for that Target, and ‘Delete‘ will allow you to remove the Target from the list. You will also need to click ‘Save Changes’ button after adding a new Call Option before you can provision an Extension for it. The ‘3 bars’ icon beside each of the added Call Options allows you to click and drag the option to change the order. This is used for web and mobile widgets and determines the listed order of  options.

Option Settings

After adding a Target to a Call Option, click ‘Edit‘ to set the Fonolo Extension and CID information. This is auto-allocated for you, but if you need to modify the Fonolo Extension, you can do so here. This Fonolo Extension which is where call-back are first transferred to once a Client opts-in for a call-back.

(1) Rename Option – By default, the name of the Call Option will be the same as the Target. This can be changed if the Target will be used in multiple Call-Back Profiles, or multiple times within the same Call-Back Profile, or if you want to change the label when it is in web/mobile.
(2) Fonolo Extension – This is the Fonolo Extension where you will transfer call-back opt-ins to. If connecting via PSTN, this extension will be a DID which we will provide to you. If connecting via SIP, this will be a SIP Extension.
(3) Country Code Override – This will override and display a different country code than the specific default for this Call-Back Profile.
(4) Client Caller ID Override – Here, you override the Caller ID Name and the Caller ID Number that the Client will see when they receive their call-back from Fonolo
(5) Agent Caller ID Override – Here, you can override Caller ID Name and the Caller ID Number that the Agent will see when they answer the call placed by Fonolo to hold a place in line for the Client

Once all settings have been configured, click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the Pop-up window (6).


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