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How to Configure a Call-Back Profile > Features

Call-Back Profile is a collection of settings and configurations that define parameters for the calls that Fonolo receives and places for you.

To configure a newly created or existing Call-Back Profile, go to MANAGE (1) > Call-Back Profiles (2).

Then click on the name of the Call-Back Profile (1) that you wish to configure.

Audio Settings

Call-Back Profile Features (1) are a combination of settings and configurations that allow you to customize the call-back experience for the Client as well as the Agent.

Audio Settings (2) allow you to customize the prompts that both the Client and the Agent will hear at different points within the Call-Back process. You can either select the Default Fonolo Audio Profile, or choose a custom Audio Profile. An Audio Profile is a customized combination of Audio Prompts that you have selected to represent certain verbal commands/prompts under Manage > Audio Profiles. Audio Prompts are audio files that have been uploaded into your Fonolo Portal.

Feature Settings

Feature Settings further allow you to customize the call-back process.

Use Caller ID – When this option is checked, the Caller ID will be read back to the Client with an audio prompt and act as the default call-back number which the Client will be asked to confirm
Duplicate Check – When enabled, each call-back number will only be able to schedule a single call-back at any one time. You can also allow Clients to be prompted to cancel a call-back or reschedule a call back when they attempt to enter their call-back number for a call-back more than once.
Debug Recording – Debug recordings assist in troubleshooting issues, and only record the hold period of the call. Once the client is connected to the phone call, no audio is recorded by Fonolo.
Global Timeout – This is the amount of time Fonolo will allow a call to persist including hold and talk time. This can be set to between 600 and 43200 seconds.

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications allow you to select an SMS Profile for use with this Call-Back Profile. SMS Profiles provide notifications to the Client via SMS about the status of their call-back.

Enable SMS notifications on this profile – Here you can turn on SMS Notifications and select a Source Number that appears to the client, as well as a SMS Profile that defines the SMS parameters for this Call-Back Profile

SMS Source Numbers

Source Numbers for SMS Notifications are procured and provided by Fonolo on request, similar to PSTN assignments. You also have the option to port an existing customer-owned number if required; please contact support@fonolo.com for further details.

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