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How to Configure a Call-Back Profile > Rescheduling


Call-Back Profile is a collection of settings and configurations that define parameters for the calls that Fonolo receives and places for you.

To configure a newly created or existing Call-Back Profile, go to MANAGE (1) > Call-Back Profiles (2).

Then click on the name of the Call-Back Profile (1) that you wish to configure


Call-Backs may be rescheduled automatically, by an Agent, or by the Client, if they are unsuccessful. Rescheduling options allows you to customize the different options around how this functionality works.

Call-Back Rescheduling allows you to control rescheduling options for Call-Backs.

  • Auto Rescheduling – If a Call-Back fails, Fonolo and automatically reschedule another call-back attempt to reach the Client.
  • Client Rescheduling – If a Call-Back fails and all reschedules have been exhausted, Fonolo will reach out to the client automatically and give them the option of having the Agent try to reach them again by pressing DTMF 1.
  • Agent Rescheduling – If a Call-Back fails or goes to voicemail, the Agent can press DTMF 9, then hangup, and Fonolo will schedule another attempt to reach the Client. The Agent must first start the call-back to the client by pressing DTMF 1, before they have the ability to press DTMF 9 to manually reschedule the call-back.
  • Max Reschedules – Here, you can limit the number of automatic and agent reschedules per call-back. Note that if Client Rescheduling is turned on, they will still be able to reschedule as many attempts as they like.
  • Reschedule Delay – This is the buffer between when a call-back fails and when we put another attempt back into the queue.
  • Cut-Off Time – Here you can limit how close to the end of the day that call-backs can be rescheduled based on Target Hours.



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