How to Upload Audio Prompts

Audio Prompts are the audio files that are played at various points within the Fonolo Call-Back process. These audio files are used when prompting the Client for information, reading back confirmations, scheduling and cancelling call-backs, as well as other situations. You can access this list of audio files by going to MANAGE (1) > Audio Prompts (2).

To upload a single audio file into the Fonolo Portal, click ‘Add New Audio Prompt’ (1), or to bulk upload up to 15 audio files at once, you can click ‘Bulk Load Audio Prompts’ (2). To add a new “folder” to the Fonolo Portal, click ‘Add New Folder’ (3) and this will create a new section that you can upload audio files to.

Add New Audio Prompt

To upload a new audio prompt file, click ‘Add New Audio Prompt’, and a pop-up will appear that will allow you to choose an audio file for uploading. You will need to enter information for the audio file that you are uploading (1).

  • Prompt Label – This which will assist you in identifying the Audio Prompt internally within the Fonolo Portal. Also, this will rename the filename to this label – filenames are used to auto-map prompts to Audio Profiles.
  • Prompt Type – This will determine whether the file is a simple audio file, or is for Text-to-Speech conversion
  • Folder – Here, you can add this audio file to a folder that you have created to keep all of your Audio Prompts organized
  • Select File – Here, click the ‘Browse’ button to navigate the file system on your computer and select the audio file that you wish to upload
  • Language – You can select which language the audio file is in to keep everything organized within your Fonolo Portal. The language of the Audio Prompt must match the Language of the Audio Profile and Call-Back Profile, so it is important to pick the right language for your Audio Prompts.

Once you have entered all of the above information, and selected the file that you wish to upload, click ‘Save Prompt’ at the bottom of the pop-up, and your file will be uploaded to your Fonolo Portal.

Important! Fonolo supports 16 bit, 8 kHz, mono, PCM .wav files only.

Add New Folder

Additionlly, you can create new folders by clicking on ‘Add New Folder’. In the popup, enter the name that you would like the folder to be called (1), and then click ‘Create Folder’ (2) at the bottom of the popup.

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