Make an Advanced Schedule

Advanced Scheduling is used in a Target or Target Group to set schedules different from the default hours set in the Hours tab. Use Advanced Scheduling to set holiday closures or temporary changes to normal operating hours.

Advanced Scheduling settings do not reoccur automatically. It is highly recommended that you review and update the Advanced Scheduling tab multiple times a year.

Any day that does not have an advanced schedule set uses the settings in the target Hours tab.

Fonolo Portal Advanced Scheduling View

  1. Go Manage Targets.
  2. Select the Target or Target Group whose schedule you want to set. The Target or Target Group settings window opens.
  3. Go to the Advanced Schedules tab.
  4. Navigate to the desired month and select a day that needs a different schedule. The Custom Scheduling dialog opens.
  5. Select Use a custom open and close time for this day and set the operating hours for that day. If the Target or Target Group will be closed on that day, clear the check box next to the slider instead.
  6. Select Save Custom Scheduling. The new hours will appear in the calendar.
  7. Repeat for any other days that will have a different schedule.

Custom Scheduling Dialog. This dialog has the call center closed on December 25th.

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