Syncing Appliances

When changes are made to configurations within your Fonolo Portal, and you are utilizing Fonolo Appliances as part of your call-back solution, it is important to ensure that the Appliances are synced with the Fonolo Cloud. Without syncing new changes over to the Appliances, the changes you make within the Fonolo Portal will not take effect. To begin syncing your Fonolo Appliances, click the ‘Sync’ icon (1) towards the right hand side of the page.


Next, in the pop-up, click on the grey ‘Start Sync’ button (1) at the bottom, and allow the appliances to sync. This process may take up to several minutes depending on the changes made, and other variables such as network speed. If this process takes more than 10 minutes, or fails to sync the appliances, please contact Fonolo Support and we would be happy to look into it for you.

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