Update an Existing Account

Update an Existing Account

Start by going to ADMIN (1) > Accounts (2).

To update an existing account, click on the blue Account Name. Here, you can update any information pertaining to the Account (1), including the Role, which governs privileges within the Fonolo Portal. It is important to note that Roles and only be modified by Admins. Once all information has been updated, click the green ‘Save Changes’ button (2) in the top right corner of the page.

  • Name – The full name of the User.
  • Email Address – The primary email address of the User.
  • Primary Phone – The main phone number of the User.
  • Secondary Phone – A secondary phone number for the User.
  • Contact Types – Here you can determine the Contact Type of this user. Contact Type’s functionality is to keep track of this users position within the company relative to the Fonolo Portal.
  • Time Zone – This is the time zone of the User. This user will see all stats and reporting relative to this time zone.
  • Role – The Role of the user determines which permissions that they have access to.
  • Session Timeout – Session Timeout determines how long after a user logs in that they will be requested to enter their credentials again.

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