What are Audio Prompts?

Audio Prompts are the audio files that are played at various points within the Fonolo Call-Back process. These audio files are used when prompting the Client for information, reading back confirmations, scheduling and cancelling call-backs, as well as other situations. You can access this list of audio files by going to MANAGE (1) > Audio Prompts (2).



The only audio in the Call-Back process that is not stored in the portal as an Audio Prompt is the initial offer message, as this is stored and played within your phone system before the call gets transferred over to Fonolo to continue the opt-in process.

When looking at the Audio Prompts tab, you will see a list of all uploaded audio prompt files organized by “folder” (1). The name of each Audio Prompt is listed in blue text, with the type, language, and length listed beside each file. For each audio file, you can play, download, or delete the file from the Fonolo Portal as well.

To upload a single audio file into the Fonolo Portal, click ‘Add New Audio Prompt’ (2), or to bulk upload up to 15 files at once, you can click ‘Bulk Load Audio Prompts’ (3). To add a new “folder” to the Fonolo Portal, click ‘Add New Folder’ (4) and this will create a new section that you can upload audio files to.

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