What are Audio Prompts?

Audio prompts are audio files that are played to agents and callers during the Fonolo call-back process. These audio files are used to ask the caller for information, confirm important details, schedule and cancel call-backs, and help the caller navigate the call-back process.

Go to Fonolo Default Audio Prompts for lists of the English, French, and Spanish audio prompts the Fonolo service uses.

To access the audio prompt dashboard in the Fonolo Portal, go to Manage > Audio Prompts. Here, you can add, manage, edit, play, download, and delete audio prompts.

The audio prompt dashboard in the Portal

The only audio in the call-back process that is not stored in the portal as an audio prompt is the in-queue offer message. This message must be stored and played within your phone system before the call is transferred over to Fonolo during the opt-in process.

In the Fonolo Portal, audio prompts are organized by folder. When adding an audio prompt into an audio profile, prompts with the correct Prompt Label can be automatically mapped to the corresponding Fonolo prompt. The auto map feature requires that you choose a folder to map prompts within. Go to Mapping Audio Prompts for more information.

In the Audio Prompts section, the name of each prompt is listed, along with the prompt’s:

  • Type
  • Language
  • (File prompts) Length
  • (TTS prompts) Voice

Additionally, for each prompt, you can play, download, or delete the file from the Portal.

An audio prompt uploaded by file an audio prompt created with TTS

The Audio Prompts section also lets you add new audio prompts, bulk upload prompts, create new audio prompt folders, and update already created audio prompts.

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