What are Call Details

The Call Details page within your Fonolo Portal is where you are able to view and export statistics on call-backs that have already finished. Further, you are also able to report call-back issues and provide feedback, so that Fonolo can investigate any issues, and ensure that your call-back solution is working properly for you.

To access the Call Details page, go to STATS (1) > Call Details (2).

The Call Details page displays a large table within which can be found data for each call-back that has occurred within the selected time frame. To adjust the time frame, click on the blue date range (1) in the top right corner, and select the start and end dates in the small calendars that pop up.

You can also determine the Call-Back Profiles that you would like to display data on. To change the Call-Back Profiles that are selected, click the blue link in the top right corner of the page (2), and in the drop-down menu that pops up, check the boxes beside each Call-Back Profile that you would like to view data on.

The data is divided into separate pages, with 50 calls displayed on each page. This is to ensure that the webpages all load quickly for you, and to make it quick and easy to find the data you are looking for (without needing to scroll through an extensive list). To change from page to page, click on the arrow icons (3) in the top left corner of the page. Clicking on either the left or right ‘single arrow’ (< or >) will adjust the page by 1 in the corresponding direction. Clicking on either the left or right ‘double arrow’ (<< or >>) will go to either the first, or the last page of calls for the selected date range.

At any time, you can export the displayed data into a .csv file by clicking the blue ‘Export Results’ button (7) on the right side of the screen.

Each of the columns in the table (4) display a different piece of data on a particular call. Clicking on the column header will sort the data by that header. Clicking the header again will reverse the order.

DateThe Date column servers two purposes. First of all, the Date displayed is the date that the call-back was started on. Secondly, if you click on a particular date, you will get a pop-up where you can provide feedback on that particular call (more on this later in post).
TimeThe Time column displays the time of the day, in 24-hour format, that the call-back was started.
OptionThe Option column displays the Option within the Call-Back Profile that the call was received and handled by.
ClientThe Client column displays the phone number that the client has requested to receive their call-back on.
Deep DIalDeep dial was how long it took our spidering software to navigate the IVR. New portal accounts will have this column turned off. It’s kept for archival purposes for legacy portal users since it is no longer utilized.
Hold TimeThis is the amount of time that Fonolo waited on hold in the queue for an Agent to answer the phone.
CC TimeCC, or 'Call Connect' Time, displays the amount of time between when an Agent answered the Fonolo placeholder call, and when the Client answers the call on their end.
Talk TimeThis is the amount of time that the Agent and the Client spent on the phone together.
DurationThis is the total duration of Hold Time, CC Time, and Talk time together (and Deep Dial if utilized).
Debug RecordingIf you have turned on Debug Recording (Manage > Call-Back Profiles > Features > Feature Settings), you will see two green icons (6) in this column (more on this later in post).
StatusThe Status column will indicate whether the call-back is viewed as Success, Call In Progress or Canceled. Click Here to see a list of all values.
ClearingClearing will indicate, in more detail, the result of the call-back, and there are several different statuses that will be shown here depending on how the result of the call-back was interpreted by Fonolo. Click Here to see a list of all values.
Ended ByFor completed calls, the Ended By field denotes which side initiated the hang up and is either Client or Agent. Click Here to see a list of all values.
RescheduledFor failed calls, if the Auto, Client, or Agent Rescheduling features are turned on for the Call-Back Profile the Target is associated to, this field will denote whether the call was rescheduled and by whom. Click Here to see a list of all values.

The Clearing column is often the most difficult to interpret and understand, due to the many different messages that may be displayed there, and the various issues that they may indicate.

It is important to note that although two different call-backs may display the same error message, the actual issues that trigger each error message are potentially very different, and should be investigated separately.

For more information, or to have Fonolo Technical Support look into an issue for you, send an email to support@fonolo.com and we will be able to examine the issue for you.

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