What are Fonolo Reporting Graphs

Fonolo Reporting Graphs let you view and export detailed Call-Back stats in a variety of visual representations. To access the Fonolo Reporting, go to Stats (1) > Graphs (2).

The different reports that you are able to view and export (1) include:

If you hover your mouse over any part of the data within the graph, you will see a small pop-up displaying additional data.

While examining the data, it is very easy to zoom in to see a more detailed view. Simply click and hold anywhere within the graph, and drag your mouse to the left or right to select a range. When you release the mouse button, the graph will automatically zoom in on the selected data.

You can also adjust the Date Range (2) that the data is displayed for, as well as the Call-Back Profiles (3) that are being reflected in the reporting data. To learn more about the Date Range Selector, please see THIS guide. Further, once you are viewing the data you would like to see, you can then Export (4) the data in a CSV file for viewing on your local computer.

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