What is a Call-Back Profile?

Call-Back Profiles can be found in the Fonolo Portal by going to MANAGE (1) > Call-Back Profiles (2).

Call-Back Profile is a collection of settings and configurations that define parameters for the calls that Fonolo receives and places for you. Once a client opts-in for a call-back, that call is transferred to Fonolo where we collect any necessary information, end the call, and then place a new call back to your Automatic Call Distributer (ACD). There are two types of calls that Fonolo places for you:

  • A call into the queue to hold a place in line for the Client, once a call-back request has been completed.
  • A call to the Client once an Agent has picked up and accepted Fonolo’s call-back by pressing DTMF 1 on their phone.

These calls are then bridged so that the Client can speak directly with the agent, and the Fonolo Call-back process is complete. Call-Back Profiles handle all of the configurations around these calls.

Of course, just knowing who to call is not enough. This is where Call-Back Profiles come into play. Call-Back Profiles define important variables such as:

  • The call-back channel (Voice Call-Backs, Web Call-Backs, Programmable Call-Backs) that these settings will be applied to.
  • Caller ID Name and Number displayed to the Client as well as to the Agent during the call-back
  • Geographical Restrictions of where Fonolo is allowed to call to prevent international numbers or long distance charges
  • The method that Fonolo uses to place the call-back (PSTN, SIP)
  • Any time and date restrictions that restrict when the callbacks can be placed to Clients
  • Any Pre-Call questions you have requested the Client to answer before opting in to the call-back.

Call-Back Profiles Menu

The Call-Back Profile page in your Fonolo Portal will allow you to manage all of the profiles that you have created:

  • (1) To add a new Call-Back Profile, click ‘Add New Profile’
  • (2) Here, you will see a list of all Call-Back Profiles you have created
  • (3) You can either enable or disable various profiles within Fonolo
  • (4) If a profile is for either web or mobile rescue, you can click ‘Preview’ to see what the widget would look like for the Client. You can also access the embed code for you to place the widget within an app or on a web page
  • (5) ‘Export Call Options’ will allow you to download a .CSV file with high-level information regarding your profiles.
  • (6) ‘Archived Profiles’ allow you to hide previously used Call-Back Profiles, but will keep them in the system for reporting purposes.

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