Do Mondays Spell Madness for Your Call Center?

Reduce call center volume instantly with call-back technology and conversation scheduling.


Start Your Week with Confidence, Not Chaos.

Most call centers experience an increase in inbound call volume at the start of their work week. You may have a Monday Problem if:

  • Your customers are waiting on hold for extended periods of time.
  • Your agents are overwhelmed, and you are experiencing high turnover rates.
  • Your contact center is struggling to maintain strong performance metrics (KPIs).

Manage High Call Volumes with Ease

Conversation scheduling allows your customers to select a time to receive a call-back. Offer scheduled call-backs up to 7 days in advance on the phone, or 15 days via Fonolo’s Visual IVR and Programmable Call-Backs.

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Offer call-backs on any device.

Customers can schedule a call-back no matter where they are — on the phone, on a web browser, or even on your mobile app.


Defer calls to quieter times.

Managing high call volumes has never been simpler. Call-backs smooth out call spikes, alleviating pressure on your contact center.


Protect your KPIs.

Shield your contact center metrics from the negative impacts of high call volume. Reducing average call wait times can improve First Call Resolution (FCR), abandonment rates, CSat scores, and more.


Never miss a customer opportunity.

Our After Hours feature lets late-night callers schedule a call-back during operating hours, so you can capture opportunities no matter when they happen.


Reduce call center volume.

With call-backs, your agents can start every conversation off smoothly, resulting in lower handling times and improved efficiency.


Create an exceptional customer experience.

Replacing hold-time with a call-back reduces customer frustration and increases customer happiness.

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Manage High Call Volumes with Ease

Ask us how call-backs and conversation scheduling can help reduce call center volume for your business.

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