Credit Union Reduces Abandoned Calls by 40% with Call-Backs

September 16, 2020

TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2020 – Fonolo, the leading provider of cloud-based call-back solutions, has released a report in partnership with the Credit Union of Colorado (CUofCO), entitled “How a Credit Union Reduced Abandon Rates and Improved the Member Experience”.

Like many credit unions, CUofCO’s call center faced high demand from their customer base. Despite signing on with Fonolo for their call-back solution in 2015 and reducing their abandonment rates by 40%, the company made the decision to switch to Cisco Finesse, a similar call-back solution offered within their existing platform at no additional cost.

In 2019, CUofCO converted to a digital banking platform resulting in dramatic call spikes. Their call-back system could not handle the increased demand, resulting in ignored call-back requests and overwhelmed call center agents. Due to these challenges, CUofCO made the decision to re-engage with Fonolo’s Voice Call-Back solution, and have since experienced significantly reduced average handle times, greatly improved members’ service experience, and much happier managers and employees. 

“The people at Fonolo and their level of commitment gave me the confidence in reaching out to them in our time of need,” says Laura Reinhold, MSCC Director at the Credit Union of Colorado. “The MSCC leadership and the members are happy that we once again have Fonolo as our call-back solution. We’re excited to have real-time call data again, and we’re grateful to have a business partner we can trust.”

“Working with the Credit Union of Colorado has been very fulfilling,” says Shai Berger, CEO, Fonolo. “At Fonolo, we’re always aiming to provide the best experience possible for our clients and their customers — to see such positive results attributed to our call-back software really affirms the value we bring to call centers.”

You can access a full copy of the success story here.

About Credit Union of Colorado (CUofCO)

Credit Union of Colorado (CUofCO) is a not-for-profit credit union with locations in multiple cities across the state of Colorado. CUofCO is a $1.6 billion financial institution owned by more than 130,000 members. With 15 branches, 250 employees, 50 call center agents, and more than 80 years of experience, Credit Union of Colorado has helped people from all walks of life access credit at fair rates. They are proud of their history as a member-focused financial institution. Learn more at

About Fonolo

Fonolo, the industry leader in cloud-based call-back solutions, has revolutionized the way contact centers interact with customers through web, mobile, and voice. The company’s patented call-back technology empowers customers with an innovative alternative to waiting on hold.

Fonolo’s award-winning solutions are trusted by a growing list of call centers that aim to enhance their customer experience. From Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, Fonolo is valued by customers for its scalability, expertise, and proven ROI.

Visit to learn how your call center can reduce abandonment rates, smooth out call volume spikes, and lower costs.

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