Virtual Hold Software for Inbound Calls

In-Call Rescue: Press 1 to receive a call-back from the next agent.

Virtual Hold Software for Inbound CallsWhen hold times are too long, throw your customers a lifeline by offering them a call-back. Fonolo will handle the rest.

  • Easy Integration: Minimal impact to your call center. Existing processes will remain the same: Caller ID, screen-pops, CTI, etc.
  • Scheduled Call-Backs: Smooth out volume spikes at your call center. Let callers select a time that works best for them.
  • Measureable ROI: Remove the costs associated with long hold queues. Lower handle times and reduce telecom expense.

Although multi-channel support is more in demand today than ever before, the most popular channel for service interaction continues to be voice support. Similarly, approximately 35% of all non-voice channel inquiries eventually escalate to voice. The opposite occurs when phone service is not up to par, as customers resort to social channels to publicly complain.

To reduce hold time, most call centers consider offering better self-service options or attempt to reduce handle time. Let’s think outside the box – why not take a “customer convenience” approach to the issues at hand. Organizations should offer a call-back option allowing customers to virtually hold instead.


Benefits of a Call-Back System

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Raise your net promoter score
  • Protect your brand’s reputation
  • Smooth out call volume spikes
  • Reduce your telco costs
  • No hardware or software to install


How it WorksRegister Now!

When hold times are too long, your customer is offered the option to “press [1] to receive a call-back when the next agent is available”. This is where Fonolo steps in.

  1. The call is transferred to Fonolo and our audio prompts confirm the customer’s phone number.
  2. Fonolo’s Smart Dialing engine connects to your call center, automatically navigates your phone menu and waits on hold for an agent.
  3. When an agent answers, Fonolo calls the customer back and connects him with the agent.
  4. To your agent, this looks exactly like a regular inbound call from a customer. Caller ID, screen-pops and any other processes work as before.


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