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International Dialing

Fonolo International Dialing is a combination of features that, when used together, allow you to offer call-backs to Clients regardless of their geographic location. Fonolo has the ability to correctly format the Client’s phone number, including country and region codes.

Alternatively, you have the ability to limit which countries can receive call-backs, allowing you to precisely target your multi-channel (in-call, web, and mobile) support offering. This will prevent Clients from entering in numbers from non-supported regions.

Visit Our Guide on setting up the “Geographic Whitelists”  to learn how to set-up International Dialing and White-listing.

Determining your Global Geographic Whitelist

Whitelists can be customized at a Call-Back Profile level, but first need to be set at a Global Level. The Global Whitelist will determine which countries can be selected at a Call-Back Profile level, and in this way acts as a high level limit for all functionality within the Fonolo Portal.

Determining your Call-Back Profile Whitelist

Fonolo also gives you the ability to determine the geographic regions that each Call-Back Profile can call. Here, you can select the Geographic Whitelist which was first built under the Global Whitelists. In this way, each Call-Back Profile can use a different, predetermined Whitelist.

Dialing International Clients

If you are serving Client in multiple countries, you don’t need to recreate a Call-Back Profile for each geographic region. You can simply create a Call Option for each unique region, and set the international dialing format to that specific country. This allows you to have a single Call-Back Profile to change configurations and settings, but also serve multiple countries with different country codes.

International Dialing

Keep in mind that the countries available within the Call Options is determined by the whitelist selected under the Call-Back Profile

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