Improve KPIs in Your Contact Center

KPIs reveal important details about your contact center’s performance and customer journey. But how do you improve them?

KPIs are essential call center tools.

Focus on Metrics that Matter Like FCR

Effective use of KPIs starts by identifying the right metrics to track. Most call center managers look very closely at first call resolution, and consider high FCR rates important to operational success. Fonolo Call-Backs help by deferring spiking calls to quieter times, and keeping customers and agents calm and focused. In this environment, calls tend to be smoother and resolve more quickly. Call-backs can even reduce agent turnover and improve compliance. It’s an easy win that pays dividends across your operation.

Boost CSat and NPS with Call-Backs

Your customers will remember the way you make them feel. Offer a call-back instead of leaving them hanging on hold,  and they feel cared for and respected. This results in better CSat ratings, higher NPS scores, and lower abandon rates. With Devoluciones de Llamadas Programadas, customers can book a call-back at a time they prefer, up to 15 days in the future and that feels great! Gartner says that excellent service makes people 94% more likely to buy a product or service again. Doesn’t that sound better than leaving customers waiting on hold?

Call center managers learn how to use KPIs to deliver the best results.
Call center agents work to improve KPIs that matter in the contact center.

SLAs Set the Tone for Your Contact Center

Setting the right SLAs for your contact center is crucial to achieving your goals. 80/20 is a popular service level, but it’s not right for every situation – and it won’t help with online and digital customer service delivery. With a keen understanding of your customers’ needs and your resources, you can get this metric right. Fonolo Call-Backs will help you meet your SLAs by smoothing call spikes and deferring incoming calls to quieter times. Hit your SLA targets – and set your contact center up for success – with Fonolo!

Ready to improve KPIs in your contact center?


Illustration: Empower Your Call Center With Call-Backs

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