The Problem with Improving Your KPIs

KPIs reveal important details about your contact center’s performance and customer journey. But how do you improve them?

KPIs are essential call center tools.

KPIs are Essential Tools

KPIs monitor just about everything that happens in a contact center: workflow, scheduling, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. Managers scan these metrics for trends and patterns to confirm things are going well, or pinpoint places to improve the customer experience and optimize for efficiency. On their own, KPIs are just numbers. Managers need to decide which KPIs matter to them and analyze the data to improve their operations.

Understand Your Key Metrics and Take Action

Effective use of KPIs starts by identifying the key metrics to track and measure. Managers need enough operational knowledge to understand the data, identifying the connection between the numbers and the pain points their operations – and enough experience to know how to act on that data. Call center analytics software helps with this process. And a call-back solution can improve KPIs across the board by deferring spiking calls to quieter times.

Call center managers learn how to use KPIs to deliver the best results.
Call center agents work to improve KPIs that matter in the contact center.

Call-Backs Improve the KPIs that Matter

Your customers will remember the experience they have with your company. By offering your customers a call-back instead of leaving them on hold, your customer will feel respected and cared for. Bonus: your agents will be less stressed too. This results in improved KPIs; better CSat ratings, higher first call resolution, and lower abandon rates. There’s more: Gartner says that excellent service makes people 94% more likely to buy a product or service again.

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