Onholdwith.com Reports the 25 Worst Companies to Call in 2016

December 6, 2016

Toronto, ON – Dec 6, 2016 – Onholdwith.com, the website that scans Twitter for complaints about being on hold, today published the “Top 25 Worst Hold Time Offenders for 2016.” The website found that out of 600,000 tweets containing the phrase “on hold with”, these 25 companies were most frequently reported this year. Onholdwith.com is the brainchild of cloud-based call-back solution provider, Fonolo, who recognized a serious problem with long customer support wait times. The website was launched as a public service so that people could vent about being on hold, and organizations could see how much goodwill they were losing from customers.

Early reports from onholdwith.com show that complaints tripled over Cyber Monday, and have persisted since. “These organizations are letting loyal customers slip through their fingers because of long hold times,” said Daniela Puzzo, Marketing Director, Fonolo. “Hopefully these new findings will motivate companies to rethink how they deliver customer service.”

Tech CU (Technology Credit Union), serves the high tech workforce in Silicon Valley, and deployed Fonolo call-backs for the IVR, web and mobile. Jeannie Sugaoka, SVP of Support Services for Tech CU said, “With Fonolo, we eliminated the need for our members to wait on hold, which respects their time and improves their overall experience. They lead busy, active lives, and we’re committed to providing innovative services that they’ll value.”

In addition, Bain & Company reports that customers who engage with companies over social media spend up to 20 to 40 percent more money. “Contact centers need to take social support seriously,” said Puzzo. “Instant remediation is the best way to repair a crumbling relationship, and we regularly see faster response times from tweets that include the #onholdwith hashtag.”

To see what companies are experiencing complaints in real-time visit onholdwith.com/stats or, if you’re an organization that wants to improve the customer experience, sign up for a demo to see how call-back solutions work.


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Fonolo is the leading provider of cloud-based call-back solutions. The company’s innovative products improve the way call centers interact with their customers by seamlessly replacing hold time with a call-back. Regardless of where the conversation begins – on the web, mobile or by phone – Fonolo quickly and conveniently routes customers through the call center, connecting them to the right agent and eliminating hold time. A growing list of organizations trust Fonolo to improve the call center experience for their customers. Fonolo was named “Top Technology Provider” by the 2015 Call Center Week Awards.

To learn more about how Fonolo can help reduce abandonment rates, improve your customer experiences, and lower costs, visit fonolo.com.

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