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Call-Backs for Insurance

“We wanted to offer our customers the convenience of a call-back without consuming time actively waiting in a call queue. We also wanted to mitigate our abandon rate on busy days. Fonolo’s simple implementation and subscription-based model encouraged us to move forward with this solution.”

Allison Garretson

Combat Call Volume Spikes with Call-Backs

Manage seasonal call spikes to ensure better service in critical situations.


Insurance companies often struggle to keep up with demand during busy times of year. This includes seasonal spikes related to summer and winter vehicle registration, and unexpected weather emergencies or natural disasters.


Call volume spikes aren’t an excuse for poor service. In an emergency, customers can’t afford to wait on hold. And in an industry rife with competition, your customers will find another provider if your service is lacking.


Your customers trust you to deliver prompt and dependable service. With Fonolo’s Scheduled Call-Backs you can gain control of call volumes even during peak periods, ensuring customers receive exceptional service all year round.

Improve Customer Perception on Every Channel

Offer excellent customer experiences and create loyal customers.


Whether you’re responding to a crisis, or setting up a new policy, your customer’s insurance needs are critical. They want to reach you on their channel of choice and they won’t tolerate a bad experience.


When callers wait on hold for longer than one minute, they begin to question your commitment to customer service. If you don’t offer the ability to request a call-back from your website or mobile app, they might question your product, too. Some customers will turn to competing providers in search of better service.


Fonolo offers call-backs on every channel, improving customer retention and putting your customers at ease, knowing service is on the way. Their peace of mind means better performance for your contact center.

Protect Sensitive Data and Customers' Privacy

Ensure customer information is secure.


Insurance companies deal with sensitive information all the time. Your customers need to know your business keeps their data safe.


86% of customers have concerns about data privacy. They are reluctant to divulge their information via email, voicemail, or to a chatbot.


Insurance companies trust Fonolo to protect sensitive data. Rest easy knowing Fonolo protects your contact center’s information with advanced security protocols such as secure appliances, secure SIP, direct site-to-site IPsec VPN (optional), and CIAM technology — including MFA, SSO, password expiration, and IP limiting.

Acquire Patients and Optimize RCM

Improve caller retention and RCM with call-backs.


Whether you’re scheduling appointments or supporting open enrollment queries, one thing is certain: there is no room for hold time in health care. 


If your patients are waiting on hold for more than one minute, they will call a competing provider. This results in call abandonment and negatively impacts your patient experience, data collection and, ultimately, your RCM. 


Call-backs assure your patients that service is on the way. They are secure, HIPAA-compliant, and can even be used to collect patient information before the call-back, improving caller retention and customer satisfaction. Peace of mind for your patients means better performance for your contact center. 

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