Fonolo Use Case

Call-Backs for Healthcare

"We have massive volumes through the system, but our patients give positive feedback. We’ve reduced our abandon rate by 90%."

Jeremy Franklin

Acquire patients. Maximize revenue.



Whether you’re scheduling appointments or supporting open enrollment queries, one thing is certain: callers won’t tolerate long hold times anymore.


Keep callers on hold longer than one minute, and they will call a competing provider. This results in higher abandon rates, which ultimately impact your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system.


Call-backs assure patients that service is on the way while improving overall patient retention. Their peace of mind = better performance for your access center.

Beat seasonal spikes. Maintain steady service.



Patient access centers often struggle to manage demand during busy times of the year. This includes open enrollment season and the end of year as patients rush to use their benefits.


Seasonal call spikes aren’t an excuse for poor service. If you leave them waiting, your callers will simply find another provider who can meet their needs.


Fonolo Voice Call-Backs steadies call volumes even during peak periods, ensuring patients receive exceptional service all year round.

Meet urgent requests. Exceed expectations.



Your callers’ needs are urgent, and so is their demand for immediate attention. If your queues are full, they need an alternative way to reach you.


Overflowing voicemails require manual maintenance, and are not conducive to quick service. And longer wait times are more harmful than ever to customer loyalty.


Fonolo Voice Call-Backs allow agents to receive client details and schedule a call-back in seconds.

Protect privacy. Keep data secure.



Patient access centers deal with sensitive information. Your patients need to know your business keeps their data safe.


Almost 75% of patients have concerns about health data privacy—they do not want to divulge information via email, voicemail, or to a chatbot.


Fonolo is trusted by healthcare institutions to protect their data. Rest easy knowing your patient access center complies with security-in-transit requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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