Direct PSTN add call backs to any Call Center Platform

Add Call-Backs to any Call Center Platform

Direct PSTN lets you add the power of call-backs to any call center—even legacy platforms and environments that may not support more modern SIP technologies.

No SIP? No Problem!

Simple Set-Up

Starting a Fonolo call-back is as easy as transferring a caller to a local Fonolo phone number.

Platform Agnostic

Works on any premise or cloud-based contact center, even legacy or mixed platform environments.

Globally Available

Access to a redundant network of Tier 1 carriers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Secure & Accessible

Direct PSTN uses your existing PSTN processes and requires no new security or network changes.

A story in numbers

10 M revenue growth

$10Min revenue generated in new loans


60%decrease in Abandon Rate

Fonolo's cloud-based call-back solution works smart, not hard.

Improve Overall Customer Loyalty

By valuing customers' time and not placing them on hold.

Lower Abandonment Rate

By over 60% and build trust from your customers.

Smooth Out Call Spikes

Improve call center productivity and reduce the need to hire additional resources.

Reduce Telco Costs

By decreasing toll and trunk changes and other unnecessary telephony costs.

Increase ROI

By encouraging repeat customers and spending less on support in the call center.

Improve Metrics

Such as NPS, SLAS, Average Handle Time (AHT) and other metrics important to you.

Trusted by some of the world's biggest brands

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