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Call-Backs for Finance

“With Fonolo, we saw an impact with customers and staff in the first week of deployment, and the immediate feedback was that both members and staff love it.”

Rich Head, VP Information Technology

Keep Up with Seasonal Call Demand


Seasonal call demand can be relentless with spring mortgage and loan spikes, personal and corporate tax cycles, and more. Fonolo Call-Backs help financial institutions keep up by deferring calls to quieter times.


Call volume spikes can leave your operation swamped as calls pour in from mortgage, loan, and credit customers during peak annual cycles. These financial transactions are vital to your customers’ lives and livelihoods. And in an urgent situation, they don’t expect to wait on hold. Call spikes are not an excuse for poor service.


Your agents do their best to deliver prompt, dependable service, but call spikes change the game. With Fonolo Call-Backs, you can gain control of call volumes even during peak periods, ensuring agents have the tools to deliver exceptional service all year round.

Improve CX and Customer Perception


Mortgages, loans and other financial transactions are some of the most important transactions your customers will ever make. In an industry rife with competition, keeping customers on hold is not an option. If your service is lacking, your customers WILL notice. And they may find another provider.


Customers expect to reach you on their channel of choice, and they won’t tolerate a bad experience. When callers wait on hold for longer than one minute, they begin to question your commitment to customer service. If you don’t offer the ability to request a call-back from your website or mobile app, they might question your product, too. Some customers will turn to competing providers in search of better service.


Fonolo lets you offer call-backs on every channel, improving customer retention and putting your customers at ease, knowing service is on the way. Their peace of mind translates into improved KPIs for you and customer loyalty.

Capture Important Calls




Whether you are finalizing a mortgage for a first-time homebuyer or closing a car loan, phone support is essential in finance, and every call is critical for both parties.


Loans are big business, and applications that begin online often require a call with a live agent. When phone calls spike, customers can face daunting hold times. Losing those essential phone calls means conversions can take longer or worse: your customers may abandon the process and visit try a competitor.


Your customers trust you to deliver prompt and dependable service. With Fonolo’s Scheduled Call-Backs you can gain control of call volumes even during peak periods, ensuring no calls are lost.

Protect Sensitive Data and Customer Privacy


Financial institutions handle private information and sensitive data constantly. When interacting with your website, chatbots, call-back service, or live agents, your customers trust you to keep their data, and their money, safe.


86% of customers have concerns about data privacy. They are reluctant to divulge their information via email, voicemail, or to a chatbot, and will often seek a live agent. But if your contact center is experiencing peak calls, you need a secure solution, like Fonolo Call-Backs, to ensure your data is safe.


Finance companies trust Fonolo to protect sensitive data. Rest easy knowing Fonolo protects your contact center’s information with advanced security protocols such as secure appliances, secure SIP, direct site-to-site IPsec VPN (optional), and CIAM technology — including MFA, SSO, password expiration, and IP limiting.

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