Lower Telco Costs in Your Contact Center

When a customer waits on hold, expensive telco costs add up quickly. Call-backs can help!


Premium Per-Minute Telco Rates Add Up Quickly

When customers wait on hold, time isn’t the only thing wasted. That call may also tie up a costly PSTN line while your customer waits. Remember that their wait time includes time spent interacting with an IVR and waiting in the queue. If they dialed a toll-free or a long-distance number, you’re paying a premium rate the entire time. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Take the Sting Out of Telco Costs

Fonolo’s Call-Backs reduce the high telco costs associated with hold time by replacing expensive inbound connections with a different, very low-cost connection for the duration of the queue time. Call-backs also eliminate the need to keep lines open for holding customers – freeing up lines means cutting down on trunk costs. Win-win!


Efficiency Pays!

Telco costs are not the biggest expense in a contact center, but it’s important to extract the maximum ROI from all your tools and technology. It’s also important that your costs don’t increase unnecessarily; they could if you are exposed to market rates on PSTN or toll-free lines. Introducing call-backs saves you money by replacing expensive telephony time with a lower-cost connection, and freeing up lines. It’s just good business!

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