Manage Call Volume Spikes in Your Contact Center

Call volume can be unpredictable. Planning for unexpected call spikes is key to offering great CX and keeping agents happy, too!


Call Volume Spikes Overwhelm Customers and Agents

Call volume spikes are inevitable in any contact center. Mondays are busy, and seasonal spikes are expected, though you can’t always predict when heavy call volumes will hit. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a response plan ready. For agents, call spikes result in job stress, absenteeism, and increased employee turnover. And customers who are left waiting on hold can feel like they’ve been forgotten. That’s a feeling they’ll remember.

Plan to Keep Call Volumes in Check

Call volume spikes are hard to predict, but you can improve the way you manage them! Make sure you have excellent self-service options that are well-monitored and optimized. This includes effective IVR flows, comprehensive FAQ pages and a well-maintained chatbot. Fonolo’s Call-Backs are an excellent insurance policy for your contact center. They protect callers from long hold times by offering them a call-back instead of making them wait on hold. With Scheduled Call-Backs, callers can book a conversation at a convenient time in the future! And Web Call-Backs let you meet your clients on any channel they choose: web, mobile, chat, and more.

Call-backs help contact center agent deal with call spikes.
Call center agents enjoy their work when call-backs are used to handle volume spikes.

Happy Agents = Happy Customers

Call volume spikes annoy customers and put tremendous pressure on your agents, increasing the risk of agent burnout. This can lead to poor performance, a toxic workplace and high employee turnover: a very expensive problem. Replacing a single contact center agent costs about two months of a typical worker’s pay. But you can support your agents —  and your customers — with call-backs. Reduce agent stress, lower customer wait times, and improve your CSat ratings and other KPIs. You’re breathing easier already!

Ready to manage call volume spikes in your contact center?

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Illustration: Empower Your Call Center With Call-Backs

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