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Call-Backs for Retail

“We’ve seen better answer rates, and higher post-call satisfaction scores.”

Michael Volensky

Chat To Voice Escalations

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Customers who prefer email or chat support may require payment processing. However, credit card info can only be accepted over the phone for security reasons.


To complete the query, the customer must call the support line. With this approach, retailers run the risk of the customer abandoning the interaction – or worse, getting stuck on hold.


With link-based scheduling, you can offer customers a URL over chat, email, or SMS so they can book a call-back from an agent. This reduces abandonment rate while improving CSAT and FCR.

Improve Internal Communications

Improve Internal Communication


Sales associates often need to communicate with head office or warehouses to check on customer orders or inventory status.


Time is often a factor, especially when addressing issues in-store. If the associate cannot reach someone quickly, they are left without a way to support the customer.


With Scheduled Call-Backs, your associates can request a call-back without waiting on the line for assistance. This way, they can manage customer expectations with confidence, knowing support is on the way.

Manage Seasonal Demand

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Retailers experience huge spikes in customer demand during seasonal periods, including summer and the winter holidays.


Customer support teams struggle with high call volumes, even after hiring seasonal staff. This puts their performance metrics and customer experience at risk.


Voice Call-Backs act as a safety net when calls begin to spike. By offering a call-back, callers don’t have to wait on hold, so your agents don’t have to worry about frustrated customers on the line.

Illustration: Empower Your Call Center With Call-Backs

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