How a Major HVAC Service Provider Improved their Customer Service with Call-Backs

Canada's largest HVAC supplier drastically reduced hold times and boosted customer satisfaction using Fonolo Call-Backs.

Reliance Home Comfort

Reliance Home Comfort

The Company

Reliance Home Comfort is one of Canada’s largest providers of heating, cooling, water heaters, water purification, plumbing and protection plans and is trusted by more than 1.8 million homeowners, businesses, and builders across Canada.

The Challenge

Reliance Home Comfort has more than 600 agents on staff to handle over 160,000 calls of all types per month, on multiple service channels. Their customers know they can count on Reliance for fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service.

Given the large volume of complex client cases, fully servicing callers was a significant challenge. As a result, Reliance experienced long hold times, frustrated clients, and dropped calls, which negatively affected both call center metrics and customer experience.

The Solution

To address these issues, Reliance Home Comfort integrated Fonolo’s call-back solution, Voice Call-Backs, into its existing Avaya call center infrastructure. The ease of implementation, cost of the solution, and seamless interaction with callers made Fonolo an easy choice and solution. With the product in place, Reliance customers now can simply “press 1 for a call-back,” and Fonolo holds their place in line until the next Reliance agent is available to serve them.

We value people’s time, which is why we feel a call-back service is a must-have.

Virag Solanki, Leader, Reliance Teleservices

The Result

After putting Fonolo’s call-back solution into action, Reliance experienced and noted a significant reduction in its call center’s abandon rates. Offering customers an alternative to waiting on hold also lead to a marked improvement in customer satisfaction, something every company strives for.

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