Emerging Communication Conference next week

Fonolo CEO, Shai Berger, will be presenting at the Emerging Communication Conference next week in San Francisco. His talk is at 11:30am (PT) on Monday. If you are attending, it is definitely worth checking out.

The title is “When Click-to-Call becomes Tap-to-Call: Two Powerful Forces Reshape Consumer-to-Business Communication”.

From the session description:

For decades, the process of calling a large company was the same: You dial their number, navigate the phone menu, wait on hold and then connect with an agent. Technology has made some incremental improvements, such as replacing the tone-based menu with voice recognition (which most people dislike just as much). But the basic process has stayed the same, as has the public’s general distaste for it.

Thankfully, a major change in this process is happening. It’s a change that will benefit consumers by removing the long-dreaded annoyances of navigating phone menus, waiting on hold, and repeating information needlessly to agents. It’s a change that will also benefit the companies by making agents more efficient and lowering the substantial costs of running a call center. The new process will allow the consumer to navigate the phone menu visually, provide key information in advance, and then request a call when the next relevant agent is available.

This breakthrough is the product of two forces: 1) The smartphone, with its flexibility, power and growing ubiquity. And 2) The long experiment that’s been quietly happening on the web with click-to-call technology…

More info here.

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