Webinar Preview: Is your call center smartphone ready?

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The latest numbers from Comscore confirm that the steady march towards smartphone domination is continuing. A whopping 234 million Americans, age 13 and up use mobile devices, and 47% of them use a smartphone.

What does this mean for the call center?

The inevitable rise of the smartphone represents a tremendous opportunity for companies to improve the call center experience.

The topic of smartphones and the call center will be the focus of Thursday’s webinar (free registration). If you’re involved in call centers or customer service, this 45-minute presentation is well worth your time.

Click below to preview some of the slides I’ll be using.

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Free Webinar: “3 Ways Smartphones Will Change Call Centers Forever”

Now that a majority of US consumers are carrying these powerful devices in their pockets, the call center is adapting by:

  1. Replacing hold time with an intelligent call-back
  2. Enhancing the IVR with a visual interface
  3. Asking the right pre-call questions for faster call resolution

Consumers are welcoming these changes because they eliminate common frustrations with the call center experience. Companies are also welcoming these changes. (Well, at least the smart ones are.) Why? Because, in addition to improving the customer experience, companies are able to lower handle times and thus lower costs.

We will look at how some companies have:

  1. Adapted to their smartphone app and mobile site.
  2. Integrated the smartphone into their call center.
  3. Determined what kind of ROI to expect.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn how these companies took a leap of faith and launched their call center into the 21st century – via the smartphone.

Who should attend:

VP’s & Directors of Customer Service, Contact Centers, Web/Social Media

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