2013 Call Center Trends: A Live Conversation with Top Industry Analysts

Call Center

As we begin to wrap up 2012 we can’t help but think “What does 2013 hold for the call center and customer service industry?”

Let’s fast forward and start the conversation!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Join us LIVE on November 29th at 2:00 pm ET as we discuss the 2013 emerging trends that will dominate the call center.  We’ve secured notable industry analysts, Dave Michels, Jon Arnold, and Dan Miller to be a part of this event.

Our industry experts will be prepared to cover the following hot topics:

  • Visual IVR
  • Virtual Queuing
  • Cloud-Based Call Centers
  • The Role of Social Media
  • The Impact of Mobile

Whether you want to hang out on the sidelines and watch the conversation unfold or dive-in with a list of questions – be ready, this will be a highly interactive session!

Subscribe now so you can be a part of the conversation and post your comments/questions to #cctrtrends

The Panelist:

Dan Miller

Senior Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Focus: mobile customer care, conversational commerce, voice biometrics

Web: OpusResearch.net

Twitter: @dnm54


Dave Michels

Telecommunications Enthusiast

Focus: telecom, VoIP

Web: http://www.talkingpointz.com/

Twitter: @DaveMichels



Jon Arnold

Independent Industry Analyst

Focus: UC, call center, SIP, VoIP

Web: JonArnold-analyst.blogspot.ca

Twitter: @arnoldjon


Shai Berger

CEO and co-founder of Fonolo

Focus: cloud software, visual IVR, virtual queuing

Web: https://fonolo.com/blog/

Twitter: @shaiberger

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