The 3 Best Customer Experience Infographics

Customer Experience

The 3 Best Customer Experience InfographicsThanks to the Internet and social media, it’s never been easier for your customers to share their praise – and their complaints – about your organization. All of which can have a dramatic influence on your future prospects.

Here are 3 must-see infographics which illustrate why offering a superior customer experience matters more than ever.

1. The State of Customer Service

Customers want a good customer experience! So much so that, according to Click Software, 60% of consumers will often pay more for it.

The State of Customer Service

2. Customer Experience Expectations

This telecom-centric infographic from Teletech underscores a point we’re keen to share: 72% of customers prefer to speak with a live person.

You can’t beat the voice channel when it matters most.

Customer Experience Expectations

 3. The Ultimate Customer Experience

Looking for a reason to improve your customer service? According to Monetate: 73% of customers would purchase more if they had a superior customer experience, while 89% would stop doing business with a company after a negative experience.


The Ultimate Customer Experience


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