3 Takeaways from Our Google Hangout on Conversational Commerce [Video]

[Video] 3 Takeaways from Our Google Hangout on Conversational CommerceLast week, Fonolo hosted a very insightful and engaging Google Hangout discussing the future of chat-for-commerce and if Apple is a legitimate threat. This expert panel discussed how messaging platforms are shaping the way we interact, and how businesses and consumers can embrace this new wave of communications. To save you some time, we’ve extracted video snippets showcasing highlights from the discussion.

First, let’s take a quick look at the panel of speakers: Tobias Goebel from Aspect, Dan Miller from Opus Research, Max Ball from RingCentral, Thomas Howe from Ten Digit Communications, and Shai Berger from Fonolo.

Is Apple’s Platform Advantage Enough to Become the Dominant Chat Platform for Commerce?

Facebook and Twitter have been trying to become the dominant platforms for business-to-consumer chatting, meanwhile Apple recently threw its hat in the ring with “Business Chat”. Listen to the panel as they debate what Apple’s news means to the chat-for-commerce landscape, who is still in the game, and who should throw in the towel.

What Issues Should Consumers and Businesses Consider, Before For-Profit Platforms Become the Conduit for their Conversations?

When a company uses Apple Business Chat to converse with a customer, there is no fee paid to Apple. There is, instead, an unwritten partnership happening between them. So, what’s in it for Apple? Listen to the panel as they discuss the issues of privacy, privilege, and whether paying businesses will have an edge in the game.

How Will Customers and Companies Communicate in the Near Future, and How Will the Role of the Call Center Change?

Customer support channels have developed significantly in the last few years, from mobile apps to meta-assistants, but no matter which one is the preferred choice, it will have long-term consequences on the call center. Watch as the panel reveals why certain platforms have been successful abroad, but are not as effective in the West, and which have the greatest potential for the call center.

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