3 Ways Internal Call-Backs Support Your Employees

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Call-backs are a game-changer for contact centers dealing with an influx of inbound calls. But did you know that they can also help streamline your internal processes? It’s true!

How does it work? Well, if you work in the contact center space, you may be familiar with using call-backs to offer customers an alternative to hold time. When inbound calls are spiking or agents are busy, customers can select a call-back from the first available agent instead of waiting on the line.

If Scheduled Call-Backs are offered, they can arrange a call-back at a time that works for them. That might be later in the day or sometime in the days ahead. Call-backs leave customers feeling satisfied and relieved, and agents feel significantly less stress.

When call-backs are used to support internal employees, the process is similar. Take a moment to think about productivity and the time your employees spend on hold trying to accomplish a task. The scenarios are endless.

You can use call-backs to keep remote workers connected, to support field staff who need to contact internal support, or simply to assist employees when calling internal departments. It’s as simple as setting up a dedicated channel for employees. How you use it is up to you.

Picture this:

A customer arrives at a big box home renovation store. They make a large purchase of several appliances and would like to arrange shipping. The sales clerk calls the busy shipping department and is promptly put on hold, waiting to confirm possible shipment times and share the details with their customer. The sales agent is waiting. The customer is waiting. Not ideal.

Now imagine that same clerk is offered a call-back instead of waiting on hold for the shipping department. Their time – and their hands – are now free to help their customer complete the transaction. Instead of juggling a phone, they can gather the client’s information, organize payment and even continue the sales process. More time to discuss add-on sales like warrantees or service packages.

When the call-back comes, no time has been wasted, the shipping is conveniently arranged, and the customer’s purchase is complete. Now that’s efficient! Sounds great, right?

Here are three ways call-backs can support your business, internally.

Keep Remote Workers Connected

More than ever, today’s workforce is distributed. Your employees are working from home offices, spending less time commuting and meeting in person – and much more time communicating via voice and video channels. What happens when a remote worker needs IT or HR support?

When they need support from other departments or stakeholders, they may often end up waiting on hold for a response or be forced to leave a voicemail. Let the phone tag begin!

Or, they could simply request a call-back. And instead of waiting on hold, they could stay on task, knowing a call is coming. Call-backs can ensure their communication is efficient and rewarding.

Support Your Field Staff

Field staff often need to be in touch with internal, or in-office staff to complete their work. They need to check orders, confirm addresses and appointments, log and trouble-shoot issues.

Hold times can be long for technicians and frustrating for the clients they are trying to assist. Call-backs can have a significant impact on their efficiency, making their work much more streamlined and stress-free.

Eliminate Hold Time for Internal Employees

Call-backs ensure your employees can engage with the tasks in front of them, knowing that support will contact them without wasting time on hold.

Fonolo’s Web Call-Backs are an excellent choice for internal communications. Simply add a widget to your internal website and staff can use it when they need support. It’s a great tool for IT support, HR support and more!

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Support Your Employees with Internal Call-Backs

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Support Your Employees with Internal Call-Backs

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Support Your Employees with Internal Call-Backs

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