Is Your Chatbot Really Just an IVR: Webinar Highlights

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A well-designed chatbot can be a powerful addition to your call center toolkit. This is good news because we know for certain that customers want self-service options. Zendesk reports that 67% will choose self-service over a live agent for simple problems. And call centers are quickly getting onboard, with as many as 75% of contact centers currently using chat solutions to boost productivity. But not all bots are created equally.

By now, most of us have noticed that there’s a world of difference between a generative language model like ChatGPT, an AI-driven virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa, and the simple, self-service chatbots launched on many websites.

Should Your Chatbot do More?

In the contact center world, where interactive voice response tools have been deployed for years, it’s easy to see the similarities between simple chatbots and familiar, reliable IVRs. But should you expect more from your chatbot?

We think this question merits a deeper conversation, and it inspired our most recent webinar. We invited Jeremy Watkin, Director of Customer Experience and Support at NumberBarn to join Fonolo’s CEO, Shai Berger, in a discussion about chatbots and customer service.

Is Your Chatbot Meeting Expectations?

In this audio clip, Jeremy Watkin discusses the out-of-the-box capabilities of chatbots and how it’s important to manage expectations:


Our experts discussed the language problem we face when the industry uses the same terms to describe vastly different technologies; we all know one chatbot can be wildly different from the next. They also explored the capabilities and limitations of chatbots, and shared suggestions about how to improve outcomes in your contact center.

Where Will the Real Impact Be Felt?

Fonolo’s CEO Shai Berger discusses the enormous impact chatbots could have on agent training.

Watch our Full On-Demand Webinar to Get the Whole Story!

Who should attend:

  • VPs & Directors of Contact Centers
  • VPs & Directors of Customer Experience
  • VPs & Directors of Customer Service
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Is Your Chatbot Really Just an IVR?

Learn how to improve your chatbot and elevate your customer experience.

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Is Your Chatbot Really Just an IVR?

Webinar: Chatbots for Customer Experience. Oct 15th.
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Is Your Chatbot Really Just an IVR?

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