Jabra Sets New Customer Service Standards Using Fonolo Call-Backs within Amazon Connect

With Call-Backs, the global audio giant was able to further reduce customer hold times and lower call abandon rates.

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Jabra is a global leader in audio, video, and collaboration solutions. As part of the Danish GN Group, the company has been creating technology that brings people together for 150 years. Today, that means Jabra engineers, manufactures, and markets wireless, true wireless, and corded headphones, as well as video and collaboration solutions for consumers and businesses.

The Challenge

With a global footprint and a rapidly developing business, Jabra’s Support Specialists are busy around the world in the company’s contact centers. Mark Pritchard, Senior Platform & Automation Consultant at Jabra, is responsible for managing the global configuration for the company’s voice platform. He says Jabra was looking for a product to help further reduce customer hold times and lower abandon rates in their contact centers.

Initially, Jabra sought a call-back solution to support their enterprise-level customers and were particularly interested in offering Fonolo’s Web Call-Backs online. If pilots were successful, they would consider deploying the call-back feature to the rest of the company’s contact centers.

The Solution

Jabra needed a solution that required no further development and could be scaled moving forward as the business required. It was quickly evident that Fonolo could provide the features Jabra needed. Mark says a solution Jabra created in-house worked well, but it took a tremendous effort to develop and maintain. It also lacked key features like Scheduled Call-Backs and an agile and cohesive admin portal.

The new solution had to reduce hold times, lower abandon rates, and work seamlessly in an Amazon Connect environment, while also being more intuitive and robust compared to other solutions experienced in the past.

Mark says Jabra piloted Fonolo Call-Backs as a premium customer care service for enterprise customers. After successfully testing the system in Europe, they followed up with a US pilot on a busy consumer line. Feedback from customers and contact center staff during the pilot programs was very positive from the beginning.

“Our Jabra Support Specialists found Call-Backs extremely easy to use and not cumbersome at all,” says Mark. “They were just receiving a normal phone call in the same way they receive any other call.”

Customers loved it, too: “The customer feedback was even better than we’d hoped. We had a lot of customers requesting a call-back and requests increased over time as the solution was deployed across phone queues.”

The Results

Jabra’s goal to enhance their already-strong customer service by lowering abandon rates was realized almost immediately after launching Fonolo. Mark says impressive results were evident after a single day.

Fonolo also worked with Jabra to provide support in multiple languages. The collaboration ensures a seamless experience for customers as they travel through Amazon Connect into Fonolo by using Amazon voices — which match the same voices used in Amazon Polly’s text-to-speech service.

Mark was impressed with Fonolo’s commitment to fully understanding Jabra’s business and their swift and thorough problem resolution. He says the support he has received from Fonolo’s Customer Success Engineers has been simply excellent.

“Fonolo thought of the journey, and it really complements our setup and our ability to give our customers and teams a better experience in a key channel,” says Mark.

“We have deployed multiple successful solutions as part of our support ecosystem in the last 10 years and Fonolo has been one of the solutions which positively contributed to improving the overall customer experience,” says Dan Geddes, Senior Manager, Jabra Support Global.

To download a copy of this success story, click here.

The customer feedback was even better than we’d hoped. We had a lot of customers requesting a call-back and requests increased over time as the solution was deployed across phone queues.

Mark Pritchard

Senior Platform & Automation Consultant

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