Mobile Carrier Saves $680k with Call-Backs

Optus was on a mission to boost their customer experience while lowering costs. Find out how Fonolo delivered with Web Call-Backs.



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Optus, a subsidiary of SingTel, is an Australian leader in integrated communications that serves over ten million customers. They offer a broad range of communications services, including mobile, national and long-distance services, local telephony, business network services, internet and satellite services, and subscription and internet television.

The Problem

Optus’ mandate focuses on delivering a superior experience to maintain satisfaction and loyalty. For this reason, they began exploring call-back technology to improve their customer experience while lowering cost-per-call and decreasing handle times.

The Solution

To address their goals, Optus adopted Fonolo’s Web Call-Backs solution. This added a new visual call-back interface to their website’s support section, allowing customers to request a call from an agent without having to navigate a phone menu or wait on hold.

The implementation process was easy, thanks to Fonolo’s cloud-based approach and its ability to seamlessly interact with their existing phone system. Adding Web Call-Backs to the Optus website only required a few lines of code. Perhaps best of all, no additional training was required for agents — call-backs appear as regular inbound call, complete with the customer’s phone number, without affecting other existing processes.

The Results

With Web Call-Backs, Optus saw an immediate reduction in cost-per-call. Calls handled by Fonolo also saw misnavigation rates (percentage of callers who connect to the wrong agent) drop from 18% to 7%. Average handle times were shortened by 86 seconds (13%). After 30 days, Optus was able to reduce their overall cost-per-call by 14%, projecting total annual savings of $680,500.

Beyond cost savings, call-backs resulted in happier customers for Optus. Leveraging Fonolo’s post-call survey, they gathered prompt and immediate feedback on the new calling experience,
revealing that users were overwhelmingly pleased to have the option of a call-back instead of having to wait on hold.

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