#OnHoldWith Announces Top Ten Worst Hold Time Offenders of 2021

December 14, 2021

USA (15/12/2021) — Fonolo, the industry leader in cloud-based call-back solutions, has announced the top ten worst hold time offenders of 2021. Based on comprehensive data collected by OnHoldWith.com (#OnHoldWith), a popular online database that logs real-time complaints about hold time through Twitter, their report highlights the rapidly growing demand for better customer experiences.  

Financial services have been dubbed the worst industry to call in 2021, attributing to 21% of total logged complaints. The airline industry took second place with 14%; this industry also accounted for five of the top ten hold time offenders listed. Telecommunications followed close behind at 13%. 

Major US airline, Delta Airlines, has been named worst hold time offender of the year for the second time since 2017. Shai Berger, CEO at Fonolo, says while the pandemic has a significant impact on contact centers, customers are no longer accepting it as an excuse for poor service. 

“Many contact centers have been in survival mode, waiting for things to go back to normal,” says Berger. “But over the past year, we’ve really been able to see those brands who have risen above their circumstances to provide excellent service. That’s where the bar is, and customers expect you to meet it if you want their business.” 

Fonolo created #OnHoldWith in 2011 to illustrate the realities customers face when forced to wait on hold. In their latest contact center trends report, customer support is cited as a major driver of business growth, alongside sales and marketing. As the contact center industry continues to evolve, Berger says having the right tools and technologies will be a huge differentiator when it comes to quality of service. 

“People still prefer to speak to a live agent vs a chatbot,” says Berger. “But if agents are bogged down with tasks or overwhelmed with high call volumes, they can’t focus on building those connections. The right contact center technology shouldn’t replace the agent; it should support them in their work so they can focus on delivering the service your customers want.” 

Berger co-founded Fonolo in 2007 with Jason Bigue (CFO) and Mike Pultz (CTO) with the goal of eliminating hold time and helping businesses create better experiences for their customers. On average, Fonolo Voice Call-Backs saves customers over 77 years of hold time per year. 

View the full report from #OnHoldWith here.

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Fonolo, the industry leader in cloud-based call-back solutions, has revolutionized the way contact centers interact with customers through web, mobile, and voice. The company’s patented call-back technology empowers customers with an innovative alternative to waiting on hold.  

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