Watch Now: You Can’t Afford to Put Callers on Hold

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Offer a call-back so your customers never wait on hold againLast week, Fonolo hosted a free webinar, “You Can’t Afford to Put Callers on Hold“. We reached record pre-registration numbers and the activity throughout the event was fabulous.

Here are some of the questions asked from our attendees:

  1. Is scheduled call-back dependent on the ACD functionality
  2. Once the call back is made, does Fonolo hand control back to the initiating ACD or web application? Or does Fonolo maintain control?
  3. Will call the handle time show the duration in the virtual queue?
  4. How does Fonolo handle toll-free costs?
  5. Does the caller maintain their place in line or are they connected when an agent becomes available?
Here’s what we covered:

Putting callers on hold is a lose-lose proposition. With every minute spent on hold, your customer gets more frustrated while your call center wastes money keeping that phone line open.

Social media has added a new sense of urgency to this problem. Consumers are social sharing real-time complaints that will ultimately drag down your brand’s reputation.

Learn why the best way to eliminate hold-times is to offer a call-back.

Works with the call center you have today and the one you’ll have tomorrowWe talked about:


WATCH NOW: You Can’t Afford to Put Callers on Hold


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