Multi-Channel Customer Service: World’s First Call-Back “Hat Trick”!

1st United Service Credit Union Mobile AppFonolo reached a great milestone last week when our customer, 1st United Services Credit Union, released a new iPhone app. The app’s “Contact Us” section includes Fonolo’s interface which lets their customers reach an agent with one tap — no phone menus, no waiting on hold.

What makes this deployment special? This credit union is also using Fonolo’s widget on their website AND using our In-Call Rescue service for callers who dial-in directly. So this is the first time Fonolo is being used on all three channels. You could call it a call-back “hat trick”, or a virtual queuing “triple play”. Whatever you call it, this is the future of the call center.

Want to learn more?

Watch this on-demand webinar, where the VP of Member Services at 1st USCU will join us to discuss the implementation of and early results from this ground-breaking deployment.

On-Demand Webinar:

Connecting your Call Center to the Smartphone Revolution

We discuss:

Connecting your Call Center to the Smartphone Revolution

  • Smartphone adoption rates and the impact on call centers
  • How to use virtual queuing and visual IVR to replace hold-time with a call-back
  • Tools to enhance your mobile apps with click-to-call
  • Tips for lowering your handle times and improving the customer experience
  • Case study with an industry leader: How 1st United Services Credit Union seized this opportunity to offer a great customer service experience.


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