Webinar: 4 Trends to Watch in 2014 Multi-Channel Customer Service

4 Trends to Watch in 2014 Multi-Channel Customer ServiceAs we approach the final month of the year, attention rapidly turns to next year’s plans. Trends and predictions for 2014 will be the focus for most, if not all, service organizations. Many fundamental changes have occurred in the customer service space and one of the biggest has been the revolution in multi-channel customer service.

Providing customers with channel choices is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather an expectation. With 88% of all organizations delivering a multi-channel service experience, the differentiating factor will now be in the quality of those interactions.

With the proliferation of customer support channels and the rise of consumer expectations, the new name of the game is consistency. Customers expect to enjoy the same level of service whether they’re phoning a call center, sending an email, or talking with an agent over chat. It’s clear that customer care is moving from cost center to competitive differentiator, and the best way to stay ahead is by understanding future expectations.

Learn the hottest trends shaping multi-channel customer service in this one hour webinar. You’ll also hear from Shai Berger, CEO at Fonolo and John Seeds, Marketing Director at Parature.

Join us on December 11th, at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT.

On-Demand Webinar: 4 Trends to Watch in 2014 Multi-Channel Customer Service

Here’s a sample of what we’ll discuss:

  • Mastering Multi-Channel Customer ServiceWatch Now
  • Moving from Reactive to Proactive Service Delivery
  • Really Listening to the Voice of Your Customer
  • Making a Better Connection with Mobile Customers

Who should watch:

  • VP’s & Directors of Customer Service
  • VP’s & Directors of Contact Centers
  • VP’s & Directors of Web/Social Media

Shai Berger


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Shai Berger
CEO, Fonolo
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Marketing Director, Parature
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