Adding Call-Backs to Your Call Center? Choose Cloud For Max Speed and ROI

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Call Center Seats in the CloudI am often asked about how Fonolo compares with other options on the market such as Virtual Hold, Avaya’s Callback Assist or Cisco’s Courtesy Callback. The answer, in one word: “cloud”.

Over the last few years, this little term has gotten so much exposure in our industry and I worry people stop appreciating what an enormous change it represents to the contact center. The entire world of enterprise IT has been reconfigured by the emergence of cloud alternatives to the traditional model of software purchasing. Salesforce really led the charge in the CRM segment. Other segments soon followed: HR, ERP, BI, accounting, etc. The call center has been the toughest segment to migrate but, make no mistake, the revolution is happening right now.

Cloud = Speed

One of the benefits of cloud-based solutions is speed of deployment. Over the past few years, many companies have used Fonolo to do rapid and successful call-back deployments, but the deployment we discussed in last week’s webinar really stands out as an amazing success story.

Bright Horizons (NYSE: BFAM) is a provider of child-care services. Their Avaya-powered call center handles 31,000 calls per month and often sees volume spikes which can overwhelm their staff and leave callers on hold for unacceptably long times. The executives there wanted to give callers the option of a call-back instead of waiting on hold. Bright Horizons deployed Fonolo’s In-Call Rescue, a cloud-based service from Fonolo. The whole deployment, from signing the deal to taking the first call, took only 15 days! Watch the video here.

Bright Horizons

Cloud = ROI

With premise-based solutions (like Virtual Hold, or Avaya’s Callback Assist or Cisco’s Courtesy Callback) you pay an up-front fee for equipment and installation and then annual maintenance fees. With Fonolo, there is just the annual license fee that scales with usage. The appeal of replacing CapEx with OpEx is one of the main drivers for adoption of cloud solutions into almost every aspect of enterprise IT.

Example: 1st United Services Credit Union added Fonolo to all three of their customer service channels: Web Rescue for their website, Mobile Rescue for their mobile app and In-Call Rescue for their IVR. They booked $1.2M in new loans through Fonolo in the first few weeks and achieved a positive ROI in only 60 days! Watch the summary video here.

1st United Services Credit Union


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