[Case Study] Major Cable Operator Adds Call-Backs

[Case Study] Major Cable Operator Adds Call-BacksThe best part of my day at Fonolo, without question, is working with customers where Fonolo has made a real difference. One such customer is Suddenlink Communications, the 7th largest cable operator in the US, who has been a Fonolo customer since July of 2014.

Suddenlink, who services 1.4 million customers and operates 7 call centers, prides itself on delivering a superior customer experience – they’ve built their business on it. Suddenlink is always looking for ways to improve that experience on every channel. So it should come as no surprise that they wanted a way to reduce hold time and improve the calling experience for their customers. I’m thrilled that Fonolo was able to offer them a solution to do just that.

With Voice Call-Backs, we were able to meet Suddenlink’s unique needs and provide a purely cloud-based solution that worked with their call center architecture. No complicated integration or on-premise hardware was required, which differentiates Fonolo in the marketplace. (Something we’re very proud of.)

I could go on, but rather than spoil the ending here, I’d encourage you to read our latest case study and see just how Fonolo has made a difference. While you’re reading, consider how your organization could benefit from the substantial reduction in abandon rates and hold-time that call-backs can offer. Just think, our next case study could be about how much we’ve saved you.

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